★★★★★ 4.9/5 for "Soft Exfoliation"

Reveal Buttery Soft, Smooth & Clear Skin

Gentle mitts handmade with natural silk that deliver an effortless exfoliation routine suitable for all skin types, leaving you with a flawless complexion in seconds.

Hygienic & Hypoallergenic

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Natural & Chemical-Free

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Our Silk Exfoliating Mitts are the go-to for gentle & effective exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types; just scrub with water to see results. Handmade from natural silk, our secret weaving method exfoliates, leaving you chemical-free & scrub-free.

Designed for all Skin Types

Whether your skin is sensitive, acne-prone, or tough, our silk mitts provide a deep but gentle exfoliation, suitable for everyone. This tailored approach ensures that your skin remains balances and nurtured.

Natural, Skin-Loving Material

Our Silk Exfoliating Mitts are made from 100% natural silk - a material revered for its gentleness and natural exfoliating properties. It's a luxurious experience that respects your skins integrity.

Sustainable & Economical

Unlike consumable scrubs that run out or synthetic, plastic gloves that quickly wear and damage your skin - our durable silk mitts are reusable and last for months, offering better value for your money and with less environmental impact.

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About Exfoliating Body Mitt

Discover the secret to transformative skincare with Folia Body’s Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt. Crafted with love from the purest silk threads in Turkey, this mitt transcends the realm of ordinary synthetic exfoliating gloves, offering you a safer, more reliable and effective alternative.

Is your skin tired of harsh, abrasive body scrubs that leave it red and raw? Say hello to our Body Mitt, a gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, revealing a soft, smooth complexion that’s ever ready to take on the world. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or persistent skin issues, the Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt is your skin’s best friend in a world filled with harsh, unyielding exfoliators.

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