Gently remove dead skin for a soft & smooth complexion

Exfoliating Body Mitt

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Incredibly silky. Impossibly gentle. Meet the secret to your smoothest skin yet – our Exfoliating Body Mitt. Crafted with precision, it sweeps away impurities, leaving your skin feeling remarkably soft and beautifully renewed.

  • Gentle, targeted exfoliation for all skin types
  • Restored moisture to reduce fine lines
  • Reduce redness and relieve inflammation
  • Purify and clear bumps, breakouts and acne
  • Decongest pores for clearer skin
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, combo, dry and oily skin.

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Are you tired of abrasive body scrubs or harsh, synthetic exfoliating gloves leaving your skin red, raw, and oversensitive? If so, our Exfoliating Body Mitt is your answer.

This mitt doesn't just exfoliate; it respects and nurtures your skin, offering a gentleness that other exfoliating products lack. Experience a new standard of skincare with Folia Body's Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt.

Soak: Start by soaking your body in warm water to soften the skin. Then dampen the Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt with warm water.

Scrub: Gently rub your skin in a circular motion. Repeat the motion across your entire body, applying slight pressure.

Splash: Rinse your skin and apply your favourite moisturiser. Use once or twice per week for the best results.

Instead of reaching for your usual body scrub, invite our Exfoliating Body Mitt into your routine once or twice a week. This effortless swap can amplify the efficacy of your cherished body care products by improving their absorption, and simultaneously providing your skin with the gentle exfoliation it craves.

After each use, rinse the mitt thoroughly with warm water. Gently press out excess water gently. Don't ring or twist the mitt too harshly. Hang it up in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat or sunlight to dry. Replace every 3-4 months to maintain optimal hygiene and effectiveness.

Avoid using detergents, soap, or bleach, as this will damage the material.

About Exfoliating Body Mitt

Discover the secret to transformative skincare with our Exfoliating Body Mitt. Crafted with love from the purest silk threads in Turkey, this mitt transcends the realm of ordinary synthetic exfoliating gloves, offering you a safer, more reliable and effective alternative.

Is your skin tired of harsh, abrasive body scrubs that leave it red and raw? Say hello to our Exfoliating Body Mitt, a gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, revealing a soft, smooth complexion that’s ever ready to take on the world. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or persistent skin issues, the mitt is your skin’s best friend in a world filled with harsh, unyielding exfoliators.

Hygienic & Hypoallergenic

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Natural & Chemical-Free

Suitable for Sensitive Skin


An exfoliating glove that works by nourishing and preserving your skin, not damaging it.

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How to Exfoliate with our Gentle Silk Exfoliating Mitts


Wet your skin thoroughly before exfoliating. Best used in a warm bath or shower. Wet your mitt and squeeze out excess water.



Place hand in mitt and firmly glide the mitt up and down to buff away dead skin. No soaps or cleansers required.


Wash away skin debris with warm water. Rinse mitt (water only), hang to dry. Hydrate your skin with preferred moisturiser.



Exfoliating Body Mitt