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About Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt

Our Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt, is your new favourite tool for achieving the perfect tan, every time. Handmade in Turkey from pure silk, this mitt provides an exceptional, deeper level of exfoliation, effortlessly removing old, patchy fake tan residue.

This hypoallergenic mitt is designed to be gentle yet effective, making it ideal even for sensitive skin. It buffs away uneven patches and streaks, ensuring your next tan application is as flawless as can be.

The unique texture of our silk mitt also invigorates the skin, promoting blood circulation for a naturally glowing complexion. Say goodbye to the days of uneven, streaky tans and hello to your smoothest, most radiant skin yet!

Hygienic & Hypoallergenic

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Natural & Chemical-Free

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

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Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt